For any of our clients who have contracts with Telstra, please be aware of changes to Telstra’s Mobile Data Plans and how you can avoid the price rise.

Telstra has updated its range of mobile plans, giving customers more data. However, this comes at a cost.

Telstra prices have risen by $5 per month for the Small, Medium and Large plans, while the Extra Large plan has increased by $15. The trade-off is that you’ll be getting extra data in all of these plans.

Telstra Mobile Plan Changes

Telstra Mobile Plan Changes

How can I avoid the price rise?

Existing Telstra customers, If you update your plan before September 30 2020, your phone bill won’t increase to the new price for 12 months.

Any customer on a Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large plan prior to 1 July 2020 is eligible for a credit for 12 months. This credit will offset the price rise if you change over to a new plan.

Customers who don’t move to a new plan before September 30 will be automatically moved to a corresponding plan and will have to start paying the new prices.


What about 5G?

Telstra will not charge a separate fee for 5G on its new Medium, Large and Extra Large Plans. However, If you’re on a Small plan, you’ll no longer have access to Telstra’s 5G network.


Your Plan

Before you make any changes to your plan, please do check the small print and read up on Telstra’s website about these changes.

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