1. Back Up! Ensure your systems are backed up if you are leaving the office. Data is very expensive and a very important part of any business. Before you leave the office, ensure your data is safely, regularly and correctly backed up!
  2. Be careful with your out of the office message. Don’t give away too much information about your location or your business! Scammers may use this personal information to hack your systems or even impersonate you to gather access and additional information. BE clear and concise.
  3. Cloud Calendar – Organise your busy holiday period online with friends and family. You can easily sync with others and take it with you digitally.
  4. Online banking/shopping – Double check the authenticity before giving your personal information! Make sure a site is secure with https rather than http.
  5. Password Manager – Safely and securely store your passwords while travelling. This software allows you to manage your passwords while using multiple devices.
  6. Physical Safety – Ensure the safety and security of your data over Christmas. Regular staff may be away, so be clear about procedures regarding access, location and maintenance of your data and technology.
  7. Anti-virus – When you and your team return from the holiday period ensure your anti-virus is up to date before opening emails and links. Ensure your anti-virus and anti-spyware software are up to date and installed on your computer both before leaving the office and upon your return.
  8. Schedule Social Media – If your business is one that closes over Christmas, you can utilize the scheduling tools of social media platforms to update your clients. There are many features of social media platforms which allow you to schedule your posts well in advance, allowing your business and marketing to continue while you have a well-earned break.
  9. Connect – Technology is an incredible tool to connect across distance. What better time than Christmas to Video call your family and friends. There are many types of video calling software at reasonable costs or even free that will allow this connection.
  10. Tech Safety – Christmas can mean an onslaught of people and business. Take this time before the last Christmas rush to ensure your technology is ready. Ensure your Tills are working, your wifi is strong, your cords are safely positioned and your computers are functioning. Downtime is costly, especially at this busy Christmas time.
  11. Watch out for Christmas scams! Check out our last blog for more info:
  12. Put Tech Down – lastly, remember to enjoy the Christmas period with family and friends. Remember to put down the phone/ipad/computer from time to time.