Smart Phones On or Off?!

Smartphones are increasingly becoming the must have device for many people in the modern world. Smartphones now not only serve as our phone, but as our camera, alarm clock, notebook, watch, music player, game centre, calendar, email browser, internet space, social media centre and much much more.

For most people, our smartphones are never turned off… Should they be?Is it smart and efficient to turn them off? … Short answer, NO!

Common Misconceptions 

  • Turning off your smartphone will save battery over night
  • Smartphones need to be turned off to ‘rest’
  • Smartphones will work faster if they are regularly turned off
  • Smartphones need to be turned off to reboot after app downloads
  • Password changes on your PC will automatically update on your phone


  • Turning your smartphone off at night and restarting in the morning will drain more battery than leaving it on throughout the night.
  • You can restart and ‘rest’ your smartphone as much as you like, but it will not improve an already healthily functioning phone.
  • Just like your battery, smartphone speed will not run faster if turned on and off, in fact, it will take about 2 minutes of your time to reboot.
  • App downloads do not require your smartphone to be rebooted, however Software & Operating System updates do.
  • Rebooting your smartphone will not always update changes made on your PC. Changes such as new passwords and details will need to be done manually

When should you turn OFF your smartphone? 

  • It is behaving oddly
  • It is overheating
  • It is slow and/or laggy
  • For an Operating System Update
  • Performance Issues
  • An app has crashed
  • Your smartphone has frozen
  • Your browser will not close
  • To close all open apps at once

ON vs. OFF – Smartphones are pretty smart. Turning them off and on or rebooting them will not hurt a functioning phone but it won’t help it either. If your smartphone is having performance issues, a reboot may fix it. If problems persist, contact the manufacturer for more details.

If you are having prolonged problems with any of your devices, contact our technicians who can help diagnose the source of the problem. If you have any questions or enquiries call us on 44742477 or email us @