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Signature Product – Payroll Systems


One of our signature products at Southern Computer Co. is our Payroll system. This system has its DNA deep within the NSW Registered Clubs Industry. It is a long established product that is continually updated with state of the art routines and flexibility. Some of the features of the Payroll system include:

  •  Safe and Detailed Storage of all Payroll and Employee Details
    The system stores all relevant details concerning payroll and the employee including; allowances, deductions, award, banking information, cost center details, holiday, sick and long service leave, ARDO’s, superannuation as well as user defined allowances and Time in Liu is supported along with an audited staff messaging system supported within the Bundy card log in module.
  •  Input
    The system accommodates the input of times over 5 shifts with short cuts for Holiday, Sick, LSL etc. Actual hours is also available as is input collected by Bundy Clocks or converting Roster data to pay data with easy onscreen edit options available to make pay day a breeze.
  • Greatest Level of Reporting
    Up to 3 bank accounts are available with automated EFT facilities using standard .ABA banking files as the transport medium or of course Coinage Analysis is supported or there could be a mixture. The system, understands the differences between Full Time, Permanent Part Time and Casual staff and their needs are accommodated right at the heart of the system in the Award configuration files. 20 Cost centres support unlimited departments for the ultimate flexibility. The Payroll Journal supports Accrual and Pre-payment accounting entries. ARDO’s and Paid Parental leave is managed and reported
  • SuperStream Ready
    SuperStream is the way businesses must pay employee superannuation guarantee contributions to super funds. With SuperStream money and data are sent electronically in a standard format.
  • Full Analysis Report
    Payroll System provides full analysis reports of the myriad of allowances & deductions, details and payments. Many reports support the presentation in either dollars or hours. These analysis reports can be prepared to PDF format for easy digital storage.
  • ATO & Fair Work Ready Data Files
    The system is both ATO and Fair Work compliant. Files are prepared for easy electronic lodgment of Payment Summaries and it is EOFY Group Certificate and ETP compliant.
  • Email and Phone Support Services
    Our Southern Computer Co. team is highly trained regarding the Payroll System. Email and phone support is available and problems can be managed with the help of our professional team.
  •  Automatic Calculations
    The Payroll system automatically calculates a wide range of data. These automatic calculations include; Superannuation, Sick Leave, Holiday & Long Service Leave, HECS/SFSS, Termination Payouts & Salary Sacrificing.
  • Continual Updates
    In keeping with government regulations and user requests, the payroll system is continually and successfully updated on a regular basis. These updates are posted to an update portal where users can simply download and install them.

If payroll is a time consuming difficult exercise for your business, give the SCC team a call – life can be much simpler than you think.

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