Today is an industry security warning regarding a new and dangerous virus called Cryptolocker.

We may have notified you in the past regarding this particularly dangerous virus but we feel it is an important message for our client base to hear. There is a new and dangerous virus called Cryptolocker making its rounds right now.  It usually gets installed on computers through people clicking on shipping or banking email attachments (Australia Post, NSW RMS, Australian Federal Police, etc.) that actually contain a virus and then demands that you pay to get your files back.

These files may appear to be PDFs, but if you were to view the file extension it would be a .exe not a .pdf.  And even if you don’t have administrator rights on the computer, it will still install and attack.

What to do if it happens to you!
Once your computer has been infected, you’ll see a ransom demand picture on your screen. If you see it, ALERT OUR SOUTHERN COMPUTER TEAM IMMEDIATELY and unhook your computer/laptop from the network cable and Wi-Fi at once. The faster we can respond the less overall damage will occur.

As you know, we do run antivirus, have a spam filter on our email, and a firewall to block dangerous or inappropriate websites.  But many of the businesses affected by this virus had these safety precautions in place as well, but were hit by a brand new variation that even up-to-date antivirus could not detect.

Yes, we do have good backups, but it could take several hours to restore.  Also, any files created or changed after the previous backup would be lost for good. Hopefully your systems will stay untouched. However, If you are effected contact us at Southern Computer immediately.