SCC Charging Station

This month we introduce you to the newest member of our team… The SCC Free Mobile Charging Station.

Our Charging Station is designed, built and provided by the Southern Computer Team. It was created to serve as an asset to both our business and local events. The standalone unit has 8 power ports which are suitable for multiple devices. Android iPhone and tablet devices are all catered for. The innovative station has fast charging capabilities and is an asset to any event.

The unit is fitted with solar power panels which allows the station to remain charged and self sufficient. Once situated the station requires no personnel or electricity to operate. The station has proven very popular at local music festivals, race meets, fun runs, charity events and Triathlons. It is absolutely free with no cost to event organisers or their patrons.

The Station’s Features include
– 8 power ports
– Solar power
– Cables for multiple phone types
– Fast charging capabilities
– Free for your event
– Stand alone, no electricity needed
– Self sufficient, no personnel needed
– 2m tall
– Weather Proof

If you know any one who would be interested in a FREE, ecological and efficient asset to an event…
Call us: (02) 44742477 or Email us: