Communications Alliance Members

Big News! Southern Computer Co. are now official members of Communications Alliance Ltd! Communications Alliance is the most influential association in Australian communications, co-operatively initiating programs for industry development, innovation and growth.

Our Southern Computer Co. team are proud to be a part of an environment that allows the industry to take the lead on initiatives which grow the Australian communications industry and foster the highest standards of business behaviour. This also means we are at the forefront of any changes to rules and regulations within the IT Industry.


Cabling and Wiring Rule Updates

Cabling Standards are enforced by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). New and updated rules for telecommunications customer premises cabling products and wiring have been published by Communications alliance. They include new and revised requirements in a number of key areas, including:

  • a new three-stage classification system or ‘hazards-based standard engineering’ approach against potentially increasing risks from rising energy levels in cables, and safeguards between hazardous energy sources and body parts;
  • new voltage and amperage limits on electrical circuits that can be carried over generic customer cabling;
  • new requirements for communications cables that are also intended to be used to carry electrical power – for example to remotely powered devices such as wireless access points, surveillance cameras, smart lighting, digital signage, building management controllers and sensors;
  • new requirements to assist cablers to select cabling products that are fit for purpose for a particular installation;
  • additional rules for optical fibre systems to guard against laser hazards that can be associated with optical fibre systems;
  • incorporation of elements of the National Construction Code relating to cable flammability and ‘fire-stopping’ to help inhibit the propagation of fire; and
  • new rules for pit and access hole products, with the aim of improving public safety through a reduction in the number of trip hazards

Check out the Media Release for more information


What Do You Need to Know?

Australian rules and regulations regarding cabling products and wiring are treated very seriously and with importance. Your business must meet these regulations.

The Australian Standards are available free of charge from the Communications Alliance website (

Please contact our SCC team to ensure your business, networking and cabling meets industry standards and legal requirments.