Moving to the NBN can be tricky, with many things to consider. For example:

  1. Do you have facilities which rely on fixed landlines for service, such as EFTPOS, back-to-base alarm systems, emergency lift phones, etc?
  2. Which NBN technology are you connecting with? In general, you will lose a phone line to establish a Fibre to the Node (FTTN) connection, but not with other NBN technologies.
  3. Are your internal telecoms systems compatible with NBN, such as phone systems and internet routers/firewalls? (If you have installed a phone system and network equipment from Southern Computer Co the answer is YES!)

To ensure a seamless transition to the NBN we suggest taking the following steps:

  1. Engage an experienced and independent consultant (like Southern Computer Co) to ensure your requirements will be met in the most cost-effective manner.
  2. Bring your internal business technology up to date well in advance of ordering NBN services. All phone systems installed by Southern Computer Co are 100% NBN compatible.
  3. Make alternate arrangements for services which rely on fixed landlines, such as Fax, EFTPOS and alarm systems. Southern Computer Co can assist with these changes.
  4. Check for contracts and terms with your existing provider for ADSL internet and phone line services.
  5. Remember that fixed landline services will be shut down 18 months after the NBN becomes available in your area, so don’t leave the switch to the last minute!

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