Marshalls Bus Company  

Southern Computer Co. have recently completed the Network design, build, and migration of all the IT services at Marshalls Bus Co. from legacy network infrastructure to a brand-new full stack of Cisco Meraki. This Cisco Meraki solution includes SD-WAN/LAN/Wireless (Corporate & Guest Wireless)/Client VPN (Work From Home) and Security Cameras, allowing remote monitoring of cameras deployed all around its campus. Both indoor & outdoor cameras can be monitored via the Cisco Meraki Dashboard or the Cisco Meraki Mobile application.  

The Cisco Meraki Security cameras are exceptionally smart, due to their integration into the Meraki Dashboard and their use of cloud augmented edge storage. The Meraki Cameras eliminate the complex and costly hardware required by traditional solutions, thereby removing the limitations typically placed on video surveillance deployments. Cisco Meraki cameras also provide reliable security and valuable business insights to organizations of any size or scale. 

The Cisco Meraki security cameras for the Marshall’s campus were deployed both Indoors and Outdoors. Given the large distances involved at the Marshalls campus, adequate coverage could only be achieved by interconnecting switches between the buildings with a solid backbone consisting of multi-mode fibre. 

As a part of this solution, Marshalls is using NBN for the primary internet connection for its Network Data (WAN/LAN/Wireless/Cameras/VoIP). In the event of an NBN outage, all traffic will seamlessly fail over to a 4G network connection to provide redundancy and business continuity. 

This is the perfect example of working together with clients, developing a design from clear client objectives, and jointly working to the completion of a large project with high quality hardware. 

Big thanks to Peter, Melissa, and Josh for choosing Southern Computer Co. as a partner in their IT journey. 

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