Are you NBN Ready?!

With the NBN scheduled to roll out in the following months you need to ensure your systems and your business are prepared! NBN ready systems will soon be essential in the effective and successful running of your business. We can help your business be prepared by providing you with quality and reliable systems.

There has been an amount of negativity surrounding the NBN. From our experience, any bad experiences are directly linked to the Service Provider or plan chosen. Get in touch with us for a seamless and effective process. At Southern Computer Co. we will provide you with an independent assessment to get your business ready.

As we are not associated with any particular Internet Service Provider,and have come across most of them, we can give you our honest, unbiased and qualified assessment to get your business NBN prepared.

Once the NBN has been rolled out in your area, you have just 18 months before your existing copper telephone services, such as phone lines and faxes, will be disconnected.

We specialise in NBN ready: 

  • Computer System Sales and Support
  • Data Networks
  • Network and System Security
  • Monitoring and Remote Support
  • Phone Systems
  • Cloud Computing & Managed I.T.
  • Tills & POS
  • CCTV Camera Systems
  • Payroll Systems

To get your business rollout ready, give us a call (02) 44742477