This week we are launching our Southern Computer Co. Frequently Asked Questions series about NBN Australia.

Check out our FAQ videos on our Facebook page Southern Computer Co. from our CEO Rohan and our Solutions Architect Sumit with all the most asked NBN questions your business needs to know!

Do I have to change over to NBN and when? 

Even if you’re more than happy with your current Internet service, sooner or later your neighbourhood will be NBN-ready, and you’ll be prompted to move to an NBN plan. You can put off making the switch, but as fixed-line NBN services will be replacing your existing landline network, you’ll eventually need to change your plan.

You’ll have about 18 months to switch to the NBN after your neighbourhood is upgraded. After this period, existing landline and ADSL broadband services will be switched off, so you’ll need to make sure you’ve made the move to an NBN plan in time.

Does NBN really work?  

It does but it needs to be done right.
Planning is the key, Southern Computer Co. provides a network solution or Architecture based on your business’ specific requirements. We will provide you with the right network gear or devices to make NBN work for your business. When installed correctly it is effective and fast

You also need to understand that NBN is going to be your only infrastructure connection.  You will no longer have multiple lines for Phone / Fax / ADSL so getting this right the first time will save critical time and inconvenience down the track.  It is vital that you have a quality supplier for your NBN services to limit outage times as outages will have a much higher impact on your business than was the case in the past.

How do I port my phone number over to NBN?

There are no contracts with our services or the vendors we choose from. You are not locked to use a one specific brand or provider. You are completely free to make your own choice.

Its our responsibility to explain in a very simple way so that you can understand what is happening and what is going to happen. We at Southern Computer Co. have moved many customers from Analog Old Legacy phone system to a complete NBN based phone system.

What does NBN mean to my business?  

The most important aspect NBN delivers to your business is, single point connectivity. Our team plan and execute a tailor made NBN system with multiple fail safe measures in the case of system failures so you are not left with down time. 

NBN when installed correctly means fast internet and effective computer, data and telephony systems. Many of our Southern Computer Co. clients are experiencing very fast internet and faultless phone systems since our team moved them seamlessly to the NBN.