Free Wifi

Does your business offer free Wi-Fi access for patrons? Southern Computer Co can assist in setting up a safe, secure and family-friendly network for your guests to enjoy.

Providing open access to the internet, even if free of charge, can create a range of regulatory and legal issues. Under the Telecommunications Act, you may be considered a Carriage Service Provider with a range of obligations to meet. Legal issues which may arise from end-user abuse on your network can include:

  • Downloading and sharing of copyright material
  • Downloading and sharing of prohibited media content, such as terrorist-related materials
  • Handling of private information and end-user data generated on your networking equipment

A range of technical and security issues also need to be addressed when deploying public Wi-Fi, such as:

  • Securing your internal business network and corporate data
  • Effective wireless network architecture
  • Sharing bandwidth between guests and productive staff
  • Managing data bandwidth costs

Don’t leave these important legal, privacy and security issues in the hands of your guests. Have a professional system installed by Southern Computer Co.