Batteries have a life cycle typically of 300-500 cycles. Once this initial lifespan is over, whether it be computer, phone, tablet or device, your device will become slower and your change will last less and less time.

  • Here are the Dos and Don’ts of prolonging your battery’s lifecycle: Do 
    1. Use the charger that came with your device
    2. Keep charge between 40% and 80% to ensure a happy medium
    2. Charge from 0% to 100% once a month only to recalibrate

    1. Continually charge to capacity, this will shorten your device’s lifespan
    2. Let the charge drop below 20%. This is what is called the danger zone which Lithium batteries do not enjoy
    3. Expose your phone to extreme temperatures. Both hot and cold conditions will affect the overall lifespan of your device


  • Here are the Dos and Don’ts for each individual charge:

    1. Use Power Saving Mode
    2. Turn off Notifications you do not need. These consume your battery
    3. Turn down the brightness of your screen
    4. Every so often, restart your deviceDon’t 
    1. Leave apps running
    2. Get notifications for email. Don’t use push email, instead, automate your emails to arrive at a specific time
    3. Leave Bluetooth and Wifi on. Turn on only when required.