'Wanna Cry' Virus

This is a special warning to any client or business who is not on our Rainmaker Managed IT secure networks.

As you may be aware, there is a dangerous malware called ‘Wanna Cry’ virus which is currently circulating and causing damage around the world. As we can not directly monitor your PC’s that are not on our networks, can you PLEASE ENSURE that your PCs are up to date! If you have any concerns please ring for assistance. This virus can lock you out of your computer and extort you for a ransom payment – the impact can be serious and there is no recovery without backup! Furthermore, we are hearing that even if you pay you are unlikely to have your files returned – bad news all round – please take care.

If you are having difficulties with viruses and network security, or would like to learn more about our secure and closely monitored Rainmaker Network, please give us a call on 44742477