Charging Station News

This past weekend our SCC Charging Station was a massive hit at the Granite Town Festival in Moruya. Granite Town 2015 was our station’s first event and we are thrilled to be involved again this year.

The Station was enjoyed by many patrons who charged their phones throughout the weekend-long event. Southern Computer Co. were thrilled to support such a wonderful local event.

If you haven’t already heard… 
Our solar powered charging station is designed, built and provided by our SCC team. It is the perfect free asset to any event, festival or location allowing patrons to charge their phones efficiently, ecologically and for free.

The Free Charging Station’s features include:
– 8 power ports
– Solar power
– Cables for multiple phone types
– Fast charging capabilities
– Free for your event
– Stand alone, no electricity needed
– Self sufficient, no personnel needed
– Approximately 2m tall
– Weather Proof

 If you are interested in our free station for an event or would like some more information
Call us: (02) 44742477
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