1. Create a BRAND that is strong, clear and represents you as a business. Ensure all exterior aspects of your business reflect your brand including your; self, team, logo, website, digital media, social platforms and promotional materials. Brand aesthetics are essential in todays visual world for customers to make a strong and positive connection with your consistent brand look.

Once your brand aesthetic is established get your brand out there through material distribution, online presence, connections, uniforms, advertisements. Build your brand awareness within the community. Continuity and consistency is essential in the creation and execution of your brand.


2. Know your TARGET MARKET and know your product.  Research and learn who your target market is. There is no use spending large amounts of money on advertisements if they are directed to the wrong people. know who your target market is, what they want and how you can deliver those products or services to them.

Once you are aware of who your target market is, use marketing techniques and product promotion that appeals directly to them showing them the exact product and benefit you can deliver. With detailed knowledge of who your target market is you are able to directly promote your business to them in a way they can easily digest. Knowing who your target market is, what they want, where they are and how they operate is essential information needed before any advertising even begins.


3. NETWORK within your industry and your community. Make contacts, with businesses in your area, business people within your town and make meaningful relationships with them. Connecting with the community and fellow businesses is not only great for your business but the business industry as a whole. Networking may mean being involved within the community, sponsoring a local football team, helping out with council workshops, participating in the local chamber of commerce or volunteering your time or products to a local event.

People will remember the impression you and your business made upon them so ensure all team members and materials are operating with this in mind. Networking within your specific industry can also be beneficial. Connecting with other businesses in our area, other tourism businesses, tech businesses, community businesses or whatever your industry may be can create helpful connections, grow your business and grow our industries an communities.


4. While you can get carried away focusing on capturing new CLIENTS, do not forget the loyal and essential existing clients. It is important to appreciate their support and let them know of your appreciation. Devise ways to capture new while celebrating existing clients.

The loyalty of your existing client base is essential in the survival and reputation of your business. It is important to appreciate their support and provide them with your professional support and quality services. Some ways we have continued the connection with our client base is our SCC Info Byte emails and this very blog. There are many other ways to connect and appreciate such as  handwritten cards, special prices, giveaways, curtsy calls and many more.


5. Connect ONLINE! While connecting Face-to-face is great to build business relationships, connecting online can we equally as important. In this modern world an online presence is not only a way to connect but it is key in building your brand and a reputation. If a possible client googles your business, you want them to be bombarded with positive and informative information regarding your business.

Email, Websites, Blogs, Facebook Accounts, Linked in accounts, Google + Pages, Yellow Pages. These are all great ways to build your database of information should anyone search your name or category. A business with a strong online presence appears connected, modern, established and reliable.


Marketing and promotion doesn’t always have to be through the traditional mediums often used such as radio and television. While these can be very effective mediums there is a world of possibility when you think outside the square and get creative. Create a talking point for customers when they enter your business, create a mailing list with giveaways and birthday mentions, generate word of mouth by giving that little bit extra to clients through thank you gifts or referrals to fellow businesses. At Southern Computer Co. we have created a mobile charging station which is placed at events across the Eurobodalla and beyond. This is a great talking point, eye-catcher and practical form of sponsorship which not only gets our name and logo out there but benefits the patrons of many events who need their devices to last the entire event. Get creative, its worth it.