Big News at Southern Computer Co! SCC welcomes our new CEO Sammy Morayes. Rohan and Sammy are working together for a smooth transition. Sammy is dedicated to continuing the wonderful work Rohan has done delivering the highest quality services to our SCC clients

“As a passionate and results-driven individual, I am excited to lead Southern Computer Co, a leading IT service provider on the South Coast, towards new heights of success. With my extensive experience in the IT industry, I am committed to delivering exceptional customer service to SCC clients while creating value for all stakeholders and delivering innovative and effective solutions to help business achieve their goals. My focus on innovation, customer-centricity, and team empowerment has helped me build a successful career in the past, and I am excited to bring this expertise to SCC.
Our experienced, professional SCC team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and support throughout every stage of the process, from initial consultation to ongoing maintenance and support. With a proven track record of success and a deep understanding of the ever changing IT industry, I am confident that we can help you achieve your goals and unlock your full potential. Thank you for being part of the Southern Computer Co. family over the years. I look forward to continuing to build meaningful relationships.”