Our Southern Computer Co. team has successfully transitioned the phone services relied upon by the Batemans Bay Soldiers Club and Esplanade Motel to the NBN – and with zero downtime or disruption! Check out this success story while you consider whether your business is NBN ready.

NBN Transition
With the shutdown of the Telstra network imminent, the aim of this project was to move a complex set of phone systems and services, including 115 phone numbers on ISDN services, to the NBN network.  Our knowledgeable professionals were able to do this seamlessly and without disruption with a Southern Computer Co telephone system. This has resulted in massive savings for the club, as well as providing trustworthy ongoing local support.

“Batemans Bay Soldiers recently purchased a new phone system from Southern Computer Co. The transition from our old system was very smooth and non-disruptive, the new system is simple to use, and very flexible” Bay Soldiers

Custom System for you 
“Southern Computer Co. worked with us to customize the phone system to our business and its needs. It’s gratifying to adapt new modern technology to our advantage, making our operations easier.” Batemans Bay Soldiers Club

Are you ready? 
You have limited time to move over to NBN. It can work well when done correctly. To get your business NBN ready, contact our expert team on
(02) 44742477 or email us at