.au Domains Available  

New Domains have arrived…. You can now secure your website’s .au domain! 

VentraIP is offering .au direct domain name registrations at cost price for the first year on domain registrations for 1-5 years, in celebration of the new extension to the Australian domain namespace.

Why use .au?

The new all-Australian extension will provide you or your business with these great benefits;

  • Memorable – .au direct is a quick and snappy way to end any URL. It will allow any business to create a domain name that customers can recall from memory.
  • Easy to Use – .au direct provides a more effortless experience when typing in the address bar whilst showing your website visitors that you’re trustworthy with a verified Australian domain name.
  • All-Australian – Trusted by Aussies, the new .au direct is a short, simple, all-Australian domain extension that couldn’t be more Aussie if it tried.

Registration Price

VentraIP will offer .au direct domain name registrations at wholesale price – just $8.67 for the first year, on domain registrations of 1-5 years.

Reserved for you!

As you are an owner of an existing au domain name, i.e. com.au / .net.au / .id.au / .org.au or .asn.au. The matching .au direct domain names have been reserved for you until 20th September 2022.

If you would like to secure the .au direct version of your existing domain names, please contact our Southern Computer Co. team today.