40 Years Experience

Southern Computer Company have over 40 years of I.T. experience. Our highly trained professional team is dedicated to our clients’ needs and provide an excellent and diverse range of I.T. services. Let’s have a look at some of SCC’s major milestones over the past 4 decades.


  • FOUNDED • From fledgling beginnings, Southern Computer Co. was founded by Rohan Gleeson in 1974. Over the past decades SCC has built a diversified footprint.
  • ROHAN • Founder and CEO Rohan Gleeson studied accounting but the pull of a fledgling IT industry in the mid 1970’s became his passion.
  • DATA PROCESSING • In the early years the business addressed a range of data processing needs. Using computer bureau facilities was a popular solution for many businesses.
  • ACCOUNTING • SCC also provided computer accounting services to Local, Intra and Interstate Clients.


  • CLUBS • Computerisation was becoming an important element for the NSW Club industry and we soon became a major player to this developing industry. Computer systems were developed for the reporting and analysis of Poker Machine records for the NSW Government and subsequently the Registered Club’s Industry.  Shortly after the Membership system was added.
  • PC’s • The industry was changing rapidly and by 1980 Microsoft had found its feet and with it came the advent of the IBM PC. Vast changes were afoot and the computing dollar was being stretched into unforeseen markets and opportunities abounded.  We actually started here with KDS branded machines from Japan using 8” (1.2Mb) floppy disks.
  • VISION • Starting a computer company in a town that still had a manual telephone exchange was to some a fool hardy venture, but this vision of looking to the future is one of the trademarks of SCC, always thinking ahead and not staying in the past. Technology is ever changing and we pride ourselves in forward thinking.


  • ANZ • With interest rates at 19% It is very difficult to build a cutting edge company with high interest rates, it was the ANZ Bank who gave young entrepreneurs the flexibility and opportunities they needed to weather those difficult times. We are happy to say that our relationship with ANZ remains today.
  • OPERATING SYSTEMS • During this era, Operating Systems were taking quantum leaps every couple of months, with March and September 1990 being the months for big advances to be publicised.
  • HARD DRIVES • Hard Drive Technology also showed significant growth. With sizes doubling and prices halving every few months.
  • COMPUTER MEMORY • During the 1990’s SCC was busy keeping up with stock of various types of memory.  Motherboards were being supplied with multiple memory slots which could be mixed and matched as memory prices fell and became available.


  • 2004 – BRYAN • Bryan joined Southern Computer Co. In March 2004 having spent his first 30 years in South Africa. Bryan has held many computer support rolls throughout his I.T. career.
  • 2008 – MARTIN • After graduating in Physics and Mathematics at the Australian National University, Martin joined SCC in May 2008 where he continued his studies in I.T.
  • 2015 – BRIDIE • Bridie joined the SCC team in June 2015. Bridie is responsible for marketing and strategic planning, spreading the word on the excellence of SCC.
  • 2016 – TODAY • SCC is a thriving IT business which services a very varied client base. Southern Computer Co’s services are continually developing as the industry progresses. Southern Computer remains a unique provider of I.T. services on the South Coast.