Message to All 3CX Clients
Following on from our initial email regarding the upcoming 3CX v18 update, here is a little more information about why this is important and how important updates, in general, are to your digital security and user experience.

Why Update?
Updates should not be viewed as a painful hassle to your business. Rather, they are a method of ensuing your digital safety and security, a tool to limit the effects and danger of out-of-date software or hardware and a system to ensure that you enjoy all the great features your technology has to offer. 

For example: Version 18 of 3CX will ensure you and your business are digitally secure, as well as offering: 

  • Improved audio quality, performance, and reliability. 
  • Improved Mobile Apps for seamless remote working
  • Better codec setting depending on Network (Wi-Fi/3G/4G). Auto sets the best Audio compression to suit your connection.
  • Improved reconnection in the case of network changes or drops.
  • Improved reliability of PUSH notifications, in collaboration with Google & Apple 
  • Added support for Bluetooth and hands-free devices.
  • Siri integration – iOS users can now tell Siri to make calls using 3CX.

This Update and SCC
At Southern Computer Co., we intend to detail the v18 update to all users in the coming weeks and we will follow up personally with you at that time. Sumit will be in touch to organise a time that suits you and your business. You will appreciate that we have 3CX clients at both ends of the user spectrum. This means we cannot have a one size fits all solution. Needless to say, we are able to complete this update out of hours to limit any down time that may occur. 
This upgrade is a major upgrade to the 3CX PBX base operating system, as opposed to the usual simpler version updates. It is also exacerbated because the 3CX operating kernel is changing in keeping with industry security demands. All updates bear risk; however, our Southern Computer Co. team will solve any issue that may occur. We have plans in place to limit downtime with things like diverting calls to your mobile while the update is deployed, to ensure minimum downtime and inconvenience.

3CX and SCC
Let us assure you we are always on top of where 3CX is in the marketplace and as silver 3CX partners we are privy to the myriad of changes being made. You can rest easy in the knowledge that the issues will be dealt with in an appropriate time frame, we don’t rush or force the issue and we do watch for any fallout that come via the various Tech sites on the Internet. The 3CX system is growing rapidly and updates like v18, are like so many digital system updates (Windows, Virus Protection, etc) that continually strive to increase security and develop further functionality. 

At Southern Computer Co. we are always on top of updates such as these which ensure the optimum safety and user experience for our clients.  Please forward this information on to all relevant staff members to ensure everyone is aware of the upcoming update and the reasons why updates are so essential. 

Many Thanks
Southern Computer Co. Team