Southern Computer Co. Proud Partners of 3CX and Cisco Meraki

Host your PBX or Phone System on premise or on Cloud . Take control of your phone system with out of office hours, voice messages and many more features. Book a web meeting with our Solutions Architect to discuss your phone system requirements.


Southern Computer Co is the leading IP telephony specialist on the South Coast. We offer state of the art phone systems at prices often below a legacy office PBX. Our Cisco Meraki telephony systems are tailored to your business needs and offer a huge range of advantages over traditional business phone systems, such as;

  • Multi-office connectivity
  • NBN ready
  • Conference calling
  • Voicemail to email
  • VoIP trunking for cheaper calls
  • Auto-attendant capabilities
  • Messages/marketing music on hold
  • Video calling capabilities + more

As a part of Southern Computer Co. managed services we do;

  • Customized greetings, customized recording depending on Christmas day, boxing day, Easter holidays or any public holidays
  • Digital receptionist for out of office hours
  • Out of office hours emergency services IVR etc.
  • We can also give you the options for your own choice of music on hold
  • IVR recorded with the choice of the world’s best professional voice actors.

We deal with the range of IP Phone deployment. From small to large businesses we tailor the phone system to you.

  1. Enterprise IP Phones or Desk Phones

    – With Expansion Modules

  2. Door Phones – Audio/Video

  3. DECT Phones

  4. Conference Phones

  5. Soft Phone –
    Carry your phone with you always if you want with the feature of using the soft phones on your mobile/tablet/laptop. While this is a great backup and addition to your phone solution, if you are looking for a business phone solution, please refer to our Enterprise IP Phones or Desk Phones (seen in point #1)